Saturday, June 4, 2011


Just got back from Asian Hospital as dad was confined again due to his asthma. Watched TV for 1 1/2 day which is a good thing to relax after a busy week and before another hectic schedule. The room was nice and the environment is like staying on a three star hotel. Of course, the bills will be expensive but thank God for health cards.

This previous year I've learned a lot about Architecture due to my new project which is a Mixed Use Building. I've also got more experience on stuff like Elevators, Aluminum Claddings, Stone finishes etc. Now I have a deeper appreciation when I see stuff such as those. I walk inside the elevator and notice the mirror finish for the interior walls. I learned the difference between a Mirror and hairline finish.

I now appreciate the small nuisances about glass walls and it's aluminum frame. I've learned a lot. It's a good thing knowing that I'm gaining such valuable knowledge that I can use in the future specially now that I'm a father.

I also wonder about the Nurses working in the hospital. Knowing how hard it is to find worse a nurse here, I feel that they appreciate and feel very lucky working in a high end hospital. I noticed that the scrubs for men were not as bad I thought. The cloth feelsl itchy though.