Thursday, December 6, 2012

Real Friends - Three Songs About The Past Year Of My Life

Just noticed that it's been a while since I got hooked on some new music. My fave bands like Quietdrive, Yellowcard and Dangerous Summer have been producing subpar music compared to their debut albums. So I browsed to my favorite music site with hopes to discover some good stuff. After reading reviews, I decided I might try this:

Three Songs... is the perfect pop punk EP. It’s made up of three honest, catchy tracks that will bounce out of the traps and into the hearts of the pop punk fans of the world. “Dirty Water” is an organic feeling catchy opener with a fresh, but tired air to it. The lyrics, whilst somewhat simplistic, have a relatability to them that is irrepressible and incredibly likable. They also have an honesty to them that sets Real Friends apart from others. Lyrics such as “I said I'm selfish, I'm a liar and I'm broken/ Shit runs through my head everyday that I would never tell anyone” - Kelly Doherty (

Next stop... download site. *evil grin*

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Readability - My 2012 App of the Year

Smartphones have changed the landscape of how we use the internet. Gone are the days we are fixed to our Desktops and bulky laptops to view e-mails and browse the web. I stumbled upon an app called Readability while searching for a bookmarking tool for my Opera browser (yes, I'm no longer a Chrome user).

Readability is an application that converts web pages into a clean, comfortable reading view, with syncing to allow for the reading of articles at a later date. The interface is also very clean and simple. The ability to cross platforms is also a very neat feature. Supposed you came across an article in your browser but have no time to read it you can just save it in Readability and on the way home use your Smartphone or your Kindle to load the article. Converting the web page into a more readable format makes it faster for you to download the page in 3G connection and also make it easier to view it in smaller screens.

Easily the app of the year in my opinion.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

8 Suites Tagaytay - Review

Last December 2011, we had a 1 night stay in 8 Suites Tagaytay from a deal I bought in DealGrocer. It was a perfect December weather -- Cool and the air is moist from the constant drizzle.

The elegant bath tub positioned beside the window.

Linens and pillows are of very good quality. Slept like a baby.

How about having breakfast on this breathtaking view?

A+ for the quality of the drapery used.

Being on a remote location, the cable signal is not too good. Their Wifi was not working the day we went there but the good thing is you can request for DVD and books. B

Dock for your iPhone.

Aside from the bland food and menu choices, we enjoyed our short but luxurious stay in 8suites.

Grade: B-

Best Feature: Chocolate themed colors for the rooms


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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fantasy Basketball 2012 - 2013

NBA 2012-2013 season has just started and it only means my favorite past time has begun - "NBA Fantasy Basketball". I'm currently playing in 20+ leagues. How I will manage that? I don't know. But I'm pretty sure it will keep me busy until May 2013 and just a couple of months after will be my long awaited homecoming to the Philippines. If you want to play just go to Yahoo! Sports Fantasy site or ESPN Fantasy Basketball.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reboot - Restart - Refresh

Call it however you like it, this blog is back with a vengeance! It's been a while since my last post (1 year and 4 months to be precise) and now I'm back. Older, wiser and with a lot of stories to tell and nasty(?) opinions to dish out.

I've contemplated if I should close this blog and start a new one. But my sentimental side has gotten the best of me when I realized this site is 4 year old not to mention having a Page Rank 1 isn't too bad also.

To start with, I'm officially an OFW. Rewind to 2008, I quit my then 3 year job for an opportunity to work in Abu Dhabi. Then the sub-prime crisis came in and destroyed my dreams. Fast-forward to 2012, I'm here somewhere in the Middle East working for my newly reformed aspirations. I'm married and have a daughter to come home to after a few more months which could not have been possible if the recession didn't happen in 2008. Interesting how life works. I can throw all the cliches out there like "every cloud has a silver lining" but it's the truest of words.

With new experiences and challenges ahead, there will be changes to this blog because I'm not looking at it as monetary tool anymore. Hence, no ads or paid posts only fresh and unbiased opinions.

So now, here's to a frest start and let The Brix Life ver 2.0 experience begin!
(commencing blog walk to get some audience.. ^^)

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