Saturday, May 18, 2013

Taiwan Fishingboat incident - Rejects Philippine's Apology

It's sad that there has been a casualty with the fishing boat incident a couple of days ago. Taiwan has pressured the Philippines to issue an apology only to reject it. I don't think an apology should have been issued in the first place. As detailed by Max Montero's blog, if our coast guard was right in their actions then our government should have maintained their position in doing clarificatory investigations.

As an OFW, I feel for our countrymen who are currently in Taiwan. With reports coming in that some of them have been physically harmed by some angry Taiwanese. Taiwan already have frozen the hiring of OFWs and I think our government should do the same and send back all the OFWs in Taiwan to protect them and bring them safe back to their families. They can get jobs from other countries or maybe even in the Philippines with our economy getting strong by the day and maybe Taiwan will also realize how important our OFW's roles in their economy.

Our country has been poached by Chinese fishermen for a while now. We kept silent to keep our good relations with them but this is not the right way to do things. We have a territory to protect and I don't think they will react differently if we do the same thing on their own waters.

We just hope that this issue will be resolved in a peaceful manner. With both countries finding common ground to agree and settle the differences.

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Ignacio, the child blogger said...

I agree with you. I pity the OFW's who are bullied in Taiwan. It truly saddens me, since they have nothing to do with the incident. I join you in hoping for a peaceful resolution to this incident.