Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Summer Destinations: Malapascua Island

Malapascua is an island located near Cebu. To get there you need to take a long bus ride (around 4 hours) from Mactan airport and almost an hour of boat ride from the nearby dock in Maya. It's quite far but it's all worth it once you've seen the white sand and crystal clear waters which reminds me of how Boracay looks like more than a decade ago.

The island is not that crowded during summer compared to more famous beaches like Puerto Galera or Boracay. But for me, the best time to go here is during off-peak seasons. It feels like you're all alone stranded on paradise. You can go all out nude if you like.

One of the best things on this island is the food. Compared to other destinations, Malapascua has nearby restaurants that sells not only great tasting food but cheap as well! The most famous is Ging Ging's, whose pancakes are to die for and very attentive staff.

If there's one place I won't mind going to over and over again, it would be Malapascua. For more info about this great place like how to commute, places to stay and contact persons just click here.


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kg said...

oh my! i really want to go to this place! i've been hearing on this great place at talagang gusto ko na pumunta! :)