Saturday, April 4, 2009

On perfumes and perfume bottles

Tommy Perfume
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One of my hobbies is collecting perfumes and as much as I'm fascinated with their scent, I also fancy the variety of bottles that they come in. For me, the bottles speaks a lot about the characteristic of the perfume itself. Whether we admit it or not, presentation carries a lot of weight when we decide to take our money out of our wallets.

When it comes to scent, my most favorite perfume would be the now classic Tommy Hilfiger for Men. Not only because it always smell refreshing even if you wear it everyday for the rest of your life but also the history that I shared with this cologne. I wore this on my prom, my graduation and other memorable occasions of my youth. A close second would be Lacoste Essential. Girls just love the smell of this perfume and this maybe the perfume I would use when dating at night.

Other honorable mentions include Davidoff's Cool Water, which is essentially a perfume you must have if you don't have any idea what can mix with your sweat yet still will smell good, Carolina Herrera 212 for Men is a bit picky unlike Cool water but still does the job and lastly, this list will not be complete without a Calvin Klein perfume. For the CK line, I have two recommendations: 1) CK Crave - the nice fruity smell is perfect for daytime and summer getaways, 2) CK IN2U - this is something I've been planning to buy for a long time now, very close to the refreshing scent of Crave but packs a lot more punch. Hopefully, I can get to buy this soon.

How about you? What's your scent? :)


stevevhan said...

Me, i am collecting watches, I don't leave our house without wearing wrist watches.

For me, time is really precious to manage schedules and commitments!:)