Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Readability - My 2012 App of the Year

Smartphones have changed the landscape of how we use the internet. Gone are the days we are fixed to our Desktops and bulky laptops to view e-mails and browse the web. I stumbled upon an app called Readability while searching for a bookmarking tool for my Opera browser (yes, I'm no longer a Chrome user).

Readability is an application that converts web pages into a clean, comfortable reading view, with syncing to allow for the reading of articles at a later date. The interface is also very clean and simple. The ability to cross platforms is also a very neat feature. Supposed you came across an article in your browser but have no time to read it you can just save it in Readability and on the way home use your Smartphone or your Kindle to load the article. Converting the web page into a more readable format makes it faster for you to download the page in 3G connection and also make it easier to view it in smaller screens.

Easily the app of the year in my opinion.

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