Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Futureproof Technology

I have a 2011 Samsung Galaxy Ace android phone. At that time, it was still running Gingerbread version out of the box. That seems to be lightyears from now the way that updates are coming out. Samsung has stop supporting updates for my phone after Gingerbread. Then came Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean updates and my phone is proper-outdated.

Luckily, there are people from XDA Forums, who still develop custom ROMs. WTF is a ROM? If you're living under a rock (in a techy geek's perspective) One of the best things about the openness of the Android platform is that if you're unhappy with the stock OS, you can install one of many modified versions of Android (called ROMs) on your device. Thus, my outdated device is not so outdated anymore:

If you compare 2011 smartphone specifications to that of 2012, you'd be surprised to see the gap in terms of chipsets and display. But functionality is unique to every individual. If you use your mobile mostly to play games then graphics and memory specifications are gold to you. But if you're like me who just use it for calls, sms, social networking and playing music - then you don't need any cutting edge specification to get your fix.

Ever since the Nokia 5510 days, Filipinos are enamored by the use of Mobile phones. It has become almost a necessity for any individual. There's also comes the unecessary pressure of trying to keep up with the latest releases if you're that type of person. But to me, I don't feel like I need to invest that amount of money to something that will depreciate in value in a matter of months. I'd rather put my money into traveling - invest in experiences... they last a lot longer. Futureproofed.

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