Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lifehouse in Manila!

I've never been in a live concert for a simple reason: I haven't found anything worthwhile to see. While listening to Good Times with Mo, I heard that they're giving away free tickets to the Lifehouse “You and Me Live in Manila” Concert. I couldn't believe my ears. Lifehouse!? THE BAND who's CD No Name Face never left my CD Player for months!? THE BAND who I dreamed of someday will perform my official wedding song?! THE BAND who's on my Top 10 list of greatest band of all time!? Somebody slap me on the face please! I wouldn't miss this for the world!!! Right now I can see myself singing out loud to "Hanging in a Moment", holding hands with my girl through "You and Me" and "Take Me Away" (which I hope they play in acoustic) and having goosebumps with the haunting melody of "Everything".


Mekinudols said...

I'm there with friends *woot*