Thursday, June 19, 2008

This is not an I-Fad: Sansa Fuze MP3 Player

The thing about me is I dislike riding the bandwagon. Before I-Pod became a household name I've been always planning to buy one of these expensive gadgets but for different reasons (mostly just being frugal) and after years of drooling everytime I pass by techie stores, I still don't have one as of now. Nowadays, almost every joe and jane proudly wear the trademark white I-pod earphones around their neck like it's a part of their office uniform. I've lost my craving for these "mainstream" mp3 player. But as fate would have it, a new temptation has come along... Sansa's FUZE. Mannn... with my midyear BONUS just around the corner I can't help but look at the possibility of owning one of these babies but then again my alter ego (Mr. Cheapskates) will takeover in this trying time. Here is an in-depth review if you're looking for a quality alternative to the overrated I-pod.