Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rules on Being a Filipino

Found this funny article on Before reading this please be aware that this is just a satire. Take everything with a grain of salt. I recommend you to read the whole article just for laughs. :)

Rules on Being a Filipino
Be shameful of your heritage and language, be a clone of an American.

Assume that any Caucasian is an American.
Assume that any American is God incarnate (even if he rapes your daughter).
Carry a Nokia Cellphone, and use TXT msgs (never call it SMS or you will be PWNED!!! LOLZ)
Avoid trailer parks.
Beware of "evil demons".
Beware of dwarves.
Act black.
Elect actors and actresses into public office.
Believe in superstitious bullshit.
If you're a balikbayan from the states, never ever speak Tagalog.
Always climb a volcano.
When a typhoon hits, STAY OUTSIDE AND PLAY!!!
Complain to foreigners that the Philippines is the poorest country in the world and then spend all day shopping at fancy malls, drinking Starbucks coffee, and riding taxis.
Ditch utensils! Eat with your hands, dammit!
Buy a painting of The Last Supper and hang it on your dining room wall, even if you're not Christian.
Hang a "Weapons of Moroland" shield on your living room, even if you don't know where the fuck Moroland is.