Friday, July 11, 2008

Street Fighter 4 (IV) : Will bring back the kid in me...

I have a rich history Street Fighter or let me call it SF hereon for brevity. I first played it in the classic NES console at my cousin's house. Very vividly I still remember kicking his ass with my sonic boom using Guile (LOL). Then I was in my fifth grade in elementary when I first played SF using the arcade machine. One peso coins were still used back then as a token and if I'm not mistaken it costs around 3 one peso coins per game. I had my breakout addiction to this game during my freshman 'til my sophomore year in high school. I played everyday spending my daily allowance just to get my fix. I was relentless... trying to master combo after combo. It's kinda bittersweet when I think of how I wasted money on such a useless activity. Anyhow, more about this as a future fodder for my blog.

So what about Street Fighter 4? Take a peek at CapCom's official SF website here. From what I've seen it still boasts the same 2D appeal only in a larger, flashier scale. Most, if not all the Street Fighter 2 characters are coming back like Ken, Ryu, Chun-Li, Vega, Balrog, Blanka, Zangief and Guile while new characters like Abel, El Fuerte, C. Viper, Rufus will be introduced.

I felt that the kiddo version of me will be resurfacing upon seeing this game hit the nearest Timezone branch. Oh well... being the responsible grown up that I am now, I can't do the same mistake I did before. Money is too precious to waste since it's the output of my sweat and blood. But of course, that won't stop me from playing a couple of rounds of this bad ass game.


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