Friday, October 17, 2008

The Last 5 Days

I've tendered my resignation to our boss a couple of weeks ago and today is my last last day at work. I'll give you a rundown on what happened this week.

Monday - My modest target at the beginning of this week is not to be late for work. At our office, I'm known for being a notorious late comer. I was hoping to spend the last days to come at work on time but it was such a daunting task. I tried... I really did but my daily morning routine of dilly-dallying will not be denied. I just justified to myself "What's the use of coming at work on time just because it's my last week at work? I should be consistent and keep the tradition running. I'll just let my office mates remember me as The Most Tardy Person... Ever."

With that on mind, I proceed with my usual hullabaloo. I arrived 45 minutes late only to see that my boss wasn't around and in fact he was ABSENT. Dammit... If I've known I should have just filed and use my remaining vacation leave. Anyway, the day isn't over yet so I just went for the second best option, go on a half-day leave. What a way to start the week. :)

Tuesday - With what happened last Monday, I guess this day is the official start of my last week at work. I woke up inspired yet unmotivated to go to work. I arrived almost an hour late and to add insult to injury, the most dreaded situation (for habitual late comers like me) happened: While I was on my way to the entrance of our office, i saw our boss making his way to the same door with a roll of tissue paper tucked in his arms (on such a way that you'll know that nothing can stand on his way and the nearest toilet) and at this moment I knew that collision is inevitable. I just said "Ohayou gozaimasu!" or good morning in Japanese. He acted surprisingly and replied "Ohayou" back at me. Statistics say that 1 out of 99 times this would happen. (:

Wednesday - At last! I arrived on time for work. Not much to do this day other than surf the net. I was supposed to sign the contract with the company that hired me but there were so much people inside the agency. I just slipped by our office without filing any kind of leave nor informing any higher ups so When I heard that it would take a while I just went back to the office.

Thursday - Took the day off and went back to the agency to sign the contract. Just a Visa away to being an OFW.

Friday - Finally, last day at work. So this how it feels like... for the past 3 years I've felt like the place was a second home. At 5:00PM everything ended in an anticlimactic way with everyone going home and saying goodbye just like the usual Friday. Taking a last glimpse of the workplace, I felt happy knowing I'm on my way to starting a new chapter in my young career and as the elevator closes a new horizon will open... waiting for me to hold it by it's throat and say "This is my life".


Paper Tilapia said...

I'm going to miss you soooo much. =)

Hihintayin ko ang pagbabalik mo.

Ako ay nagbalik
At muli ka masilayan
Hindi na ko muli pang lilisan
Dahil kung ikaw ang yakap ko
Parang yakap ko ang langit
At yakap ko pati
Ang iyong ngiti