Sunday, October 5, 2008

Album Review: The Morning Light

It's no secret that aside from punk i'm also fond of listening to catchy, poppy music and that what makes The Morning Light's album one of my favorite releases this year. The record opens up with "Wake Up" the most upbeat and optimistic song in the album with lyrics "i'm ready for the change" makes it a perfect theme for starting your day. Second track, "Done Writing Love Songs" is cut-out to be a future single with such a catchy and big chorus that will instantly get stuck in your head at first listen. "Brand New Friends" is a piano-laiden track that continues the band's formula of creating memorable melodies and catchy hooks."Virginia" is very folk sounding which usually is not a good thing but after a few listens it kinda grew into me. Track 5, "Clouds" is a personal favorite and my recommended track in the album if you want to have an idea what The Morning Light is all about you should listen to this one. The rest of the album consists of "Happy Now", "Follow Me Home", "Honest (Apologies Endless)", "Have You Tonight" all have their highs and lows, from upbeat to mellow but still remains true to the album's simple yet unpredictable sound, shifting from pop-punk to the Beatles and classical orchestration. "This Way" is an emotional ballad that will catch you off guard with the sudden change of pace. It reminds me of the song "Tests on My Heart" by Umbrellas' with the similarities of the mood and melody down to the vocalist's similar high pitched voice, it offers a respite from the vast instrumentation of the earlier songs. The record aptly ends with "Movin Along" closing the album on a high-note.

With proper record-label backing and constant touring for this album, The Morning Light is destined to be on mainstream radio soon.

Track List
1. Wake Up! 2:40
2. Done Writing Love Songs 2:41
3. Brand, New, Friends 3:11
4. Virginia 2:30
5. Clouds 3:36
6. Happy-Now 2:48
7. Follow Me Home 3:23
8. Honest (Apologies Endless) 3:40
9. Have You Tonight 3:06
10. This Way 2:52
11. Movin' Along 4:20

Listen to Track #5