Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Citizenservices: Making Life Easier for the Filipino

Need your Philippine passport ASAP? No free time and patience to line up at DFA in Manila? Then I'm about to tell you something that will make your life easier and that is Citizenservices. Basically, what they do is get your passport requirements and your payment, submit it to DFA and then you choose when you would like to schedule your personal appearance and after a few days, deliver your passport in front of your doorsteps. So how much does it costs? For passport renewal, I paid Php1300 but if I go through the whole process by myself it only costs around Php700. You might say that the Php500 difference is a lot but come to think of it how much would you spend for gas or public transportation if you do this by yourself? Maybe around 300 depending where you are coming from. But what makes this service attractive is you only have to go to DFA once! If that's not enough to convince you here's more: If it's time for your personal appearance, Citizenserv's representatives are on standby to assist you from the entrance of the DFA until you line-up inside the building. Lines?! What Lines?! Hey take it easy i'm not done yet: They have a special priority lane inside the DFA! Guaranteed that you'll be done in less than 15 to 30 minutes. No need to go there around 3:00AM just to make sure you'll make the cut.

I'm not going to get any money from them by posting this on my blog but I'm just glad to share this innovation that will make our life more convenient and hassle-free. I almost forgot to mention that they also have their 24/7 customer care hotline and their website can track the status of your application. When you see the anaconda line of people forming up from inside to outside of the compound you'll tell yourself that's Php1300 well spent.

You can go to their website at for further info:


Nancy said...

This is a big help Brix.. would save a lot of time and effort.. di biro pumila sa DFA like what I have experienced. Anyways, I got my passport, 3 months ago...My next step is to apply for a tourist visa.. not to soon though but would appreciate if you have something to share about the whole process :-)

thanks a lot for sharing this info...glad to see you in my page!

Have a nice day!

Maus said...

really may ganito na sa atin..
hope it become successful!

Brix said...

No problem Nancy! The only experience that i have with regards to tourist visa is when we went to the U.S. but I was young back then and my mom did all the process. :)

@Maus: Yup, tingin ko dadami pa ang clients nila. Thanks for dropping by. :)