Saturday, November 29, 2008

Patience is a Virtue

In life, we always face adversities here and there. Often, our patience is tested to its limits but these are the kind of moments that define who we are as a person. Being the result oriented person that I am, I want to see the fruits of my labor ASAP and when I don't I get impatient and sometimes disheartened. Fortunately enough, I'm too persistent just to give up. Maybe this is what patience is about. Patience is not necessarily just about waiting or being passive and not do anything but to keep going even if the way is tough and slow.

Photo notes: Unintentional underexposure made the image look like it was shot against the sun. Here is a classic example of a "happy accident" that is described in Lomo culture.
Camera: Olympus XA2
Film: Elitechrome 100 (Cross-processed)


Maus said...

your right here
patience is what we need in order to become successful!