Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gold as a worthy Investment Tool

I remember when I was still fresh from college and in my first year of work as an Engineer, I've set my goals to save money and be able to make it grow. So I invested some of my savings in mutual funds and some part of them is locked in a time deposit. When the stock market crashed last year due to the financial crisis that hit the United States, the investment I had in the mutual funds also tanked.

Good thing that I diversified my investments to a very safe and medium risk. My time deposit is safely tucked in a very stable bank and even if the value I invested in mutual funds went down. One new investment I want to get into is buying gold bullion australia. Gold is a commodity that has always maintained it's high price. Another stable investment is gold coins and jewellery sydney. It might sound too luxurious but when I do get enough money to purchase such assets, I will try to invest in these valuable commodities. Like I said earlier, diversifying investments is the way to go if you want to keep building your wealth.

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stevevhan said...

Thank God for what happened to you, atleast your investment was not affected by the recession.:)

happy blogging.