Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pinoy Life Hidden in Plain View

I've come across a couple of blogs that talks about life in the Philippines. The author of the blogs are foreigners who are currently living in our country for quite some time. It's very interesting to find out their views with regards to the usual day in the Philippines, which for us Filipinos, are very much ordinary and the same. We're living here ever since we were born and most of the things we experience are just "routine" and so common that we've become blinded to them.

Just like Philfaq's blog article about a Typical Philippine Trip to the Mall where he talks about his experience in shopping in SM Hypermarket. Here's a snippet from the said article:
Our checkout did get interrupted by anther ritual… the Japanese sounding ‘my dog has leas’ tones come over the loud speaker and a voice intones ‘Welcome to SM” and then every employee in the store drops what they are doing , claps their hands three times and chants’ “Happy to serve You,”. It’s not an ingrained ritual or anything, only happens about three times each and every hour.

just fruits

I remember the first time I've heard this "SM Sales Cheer" for the first time and I've felt a roller coaster of emotions which are 1) Scared - the first time I heard the clap I was like "what the hell is going on? Am I on Punkd or Wow! Mali!?" 2) Embarrassed - Seeing the look on their faces, they seemed to be doing it just because it's a new sales policy. They look embarrassed and in that moment I empathize with them. 3) Weird - Now after the cheer some of them have this stoic look as they went back to what they were doing before the short that moment I felt that I'm the only breathing person and the rest are robots or cyborgs programmed to do grocery stuff.

It's amusing how most of us dream a romantic night in Paris or a busy corporate day in New York or a Cherry Blossom season in Tokyo and other adventures in different cities. There's nothing wrong about that but sometimes we forget that there are a lot of things going on right in front of our eyes. All we need is just to see it in an outsider's point of view. Some experiences are funny or just borderline "stupid" others are regrettable and forgetful, and there are some that will make you feel proud as a Filipino. Maybe if we can just realize how great we are as a country, we'll make that realization into reality.

When you're old enough

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stevevhan said...

This post is wonderful brix, this must be read by every filipino because for us, Philippines is just Philippines and they can't see what's beyond in it. Maybe we can't blame them because instead of exploring Philippines they prefer to live life for money because of poverty here in the country.

I am also agree with that "SM Cheer" i was also embarrassed because it seem like they just doing it because they have to and they don't posses it as you can see into their faces and sometimes it seems like their tired of doing it.

Anonymous said...

The SM cheer is really funny. But actually it's a nice thing to do, I know some of them may be ashamed or freaked out, but then it gets the attention of the pub! YAY! \:D/

krisel said...

I got shocked too when the first time heard their cheer. I think it was somewhat a wake up call for some employee who looks like and feel sleepy in the middle of their work.