Wednesday, July 15, 2009

kesha ni'cole nichols pictures

You can view kesha ni'cole nichols pictures. Those who doesn't know kesha ni'cole nichols, she is the former bride-to-be of NBA star Richard Jefferson. Recently, the two are scheduled to be engage but in a strange turn of events Jefferson broke-up with her just days before the wedding. Unfortunately, not all the guests were informed about the cancellation of the event thus some of them still went. For consolation, Richard Jefferson lent his very exclusive AMEX Black Card for them to enjoy the night away.

Here are the kesha ni'cole nichols pictures:


stevevhan said...

wow, that was strange, imagine, before the wedding they broke up?.

Got a new post bro, hope you can visit my blog again!

chiui said...

She looks pretty. Hahah!

Pinoy Jokes said...

ang tangkad naman... waahahahah

Filipino Social Network said...

ang ganda ng kulay ng balat nya.. sexy talaga ang mga ganyang kulay.. pinay ang dating..