Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Noche Buena

Staying home at Christmas Eve is one of the few times in a year that I get some time to be alone. My family is just chilling in our home and I spend some time in my room either reading, sleeping or listening to music. It’s still a couple of hours before Christmas but here’s what I’ll be indulging for tonight’s celebration (in no particular order):

1) Ice cream - Rocky Road

2) 4 Cans of Beer - Red Horse

3) Potato Chips - Maybe Tortillos or the Ridges

4) Bread and Ham - Staple food every noche buena.

Good thing I’ve lost some weight lately due to being sick with Pharyngitis. I also didn’t party a lot last month that’s why my beer belly is smaller. But I promised myself that I’ll lose the calories that I’ll take in by running and eating healthy after tonight.

I might get a Pugad Baboy or Kikomachine book later at Powerbooks as a present to myself. Merry Christmas everyone! :)

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stevevhan said...

Ahh. So you had a Phryngitis?. You must really be healthy, well i'm glad that you are being healthy!

Merry Christmas. Now, we are preparing for New Year!

Happy New Year Bro!:)

Karen said...

Sounds fun hehe i spent my Christmas almost the same with my family but no drinks but maybe in New Year's Eve. :D

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! God Bless you!

kissliin said...

I haven't had ice cream in a while. COOKIES AND CREAM :) HAHAHA. Yayy for ice cream! I'm hoping we'll buy like 2 cans of ice cream for New Year. Makes the perfect dessert :P