Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This Time Last Year

Time flew by so fast I can hardly distinguish 2008 and 2009. It feels like this year and last year has been intertwined to creat a hybrid year called 2008-9. Maybe it's because this is the busiest year I had so far since I started my career. First, I'm working in a very dynamic environment where I'm always moving and talking to different people, multi-tasking (a.k.a. working while internet surfing). Second, been to a lot of social gatherings (a.k.a. drinking sessions). To sum it all up, just experiencing a lot of new things that made life more interesting again.

A question came to my mind. Where was I this time last year? I'm not talking about physical displacement (a.k.a. my location) but my state of mind and emotion. I can still remember the cloud of doubts and uncertainty hovering above me this time last year. Presently, I'm more sure of myself and the path that I wanted to take. The sky is relatively clearer. The road is a little more wider.

I don't really know the point of this post other than feeding my blog something new and I should stop those parenthesis a.k.a. plaguing this post before I get used to it's humorous yet annoying tone.

So where were you this time last year?

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Nadine said...

This time last year I was at home with no knowledge about blogging, bloggers or making money online but now i do. WOOT! wow your years must've been exciting!!!

Karen said...

hmm where was i last year? it seems all so blurry but i can guarantee i was playing an online game or trying to get back on blogging.lol

Good luck with your new career. Enjoy it!
God Bless you!

Mizuki said...

I haven't changed yet.. the me last year is still the same as now.. :)) Well I still got no job so maybe if I do have one, then I'll be enjoying life too. =)

good for you that you're now sure of what path to take. As for me, it's still a blur. ><

Car said...

Hahaa lol.

Hmm this time last year I was probably less confident than I am now, and not quite so busy! Hehe.

April said...

I can barely remember what happened to me last year. The only thing is I started blogging normally lat year.

I hope you enjoy the remaining days of 2009! :)

stevevhan said...

Ah, i donno why i am kinda emotional....Maybe cause i still dont have a sleep andi am tired physically and emotionally. Ive been so very busy in the last few weeks since the second sem started. I must say that this year is the most busiest year i had in my entire "STUDYANTE life".

Me, my displacement? I was like busy about Girlet (i know you know her). haha. i remember, you were the one who gave me one of the most memrable comment in that post.

Melle said...

I'm still the same as last year... the only difference is, i have never been this busy and this happy.. LOL

DPM said...

I don't know about internet marketing way back 2009 but now I do... LOL :D