Thursday, March 21, 2013

Crushing on the Sony Xperia SP

Fearless Forecast: Sony will be the 3rd leading mobile manufacturer in 2013. With a strong line-up of new phones coming up in a few months, Sony is poised to take on a bigger share of the smartphone market. Starting with their flagship release and in my opinion the prettiest looking mobile phone - the Xperia Z. Sony will follow this up by releasing what I expect to be a mid-level category phone Xperia SP.

Sony Xperia SP boasts of the following specifications:

4.6-inch 720p HD Reality Display

1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor

3G and LTE capable

1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage (expandable via micro SD slot)

Pre-installed with Android 4.1

8MP rear camera capable of recording 1080p videos

Available in 3 colours: Black, White and Red

My favorite part is the he notification light, which is more than an eye candy since it can change the lighting color based on an activity such as playing music content the lighting will resemble the album artwork and pulse in beat with the music. You can also assign lighting color to your contacts so you will know instantly who is calling you without even looking at the screen. Pretty neat right?

I'm psyched at the direction Sony is taking to be competitive in the on going smartphone wars and pissed off at the same time by being tempted to buy a new phone.

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